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Syntropy Studio
Deliverables &
Brand identity
Graphic design
Syntropy are an animation studio specialising in the fields of science, medicine, aerospace and technology. Fundamentally their work is about organising complex information using narrative to explain complicated processes, ideas and events.

Working in collaboration with Proud Creative we created a highly flexible, dynamic identity for use in static and moving image.
The term 'syntropy' is defined as a force which causes living things to reach ‘higher and higher levels of organization, order and dynamic harmony.’ To reflect this concept the identity is in constant motion, from a state of chaos to order – a metaphor for Syntropy’s creative process.

A playful tone of voice combined with a distinctive layout style and typography creates a flexible way of communicating the brand across different sectors.
Neon Cyan
Neon Pink
Neon Green
Neon Orange
Bright Blue