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Brand identity
Graphic design
Website design & build
Print communication
Fathom work at the scientific forefront of global flood prediction and analytics.

Formed in the pioneering Hydrology Research Group at the University of Bristol, their ambition is to push the boundaries of science and become ‘the’ global resource for flood-risk data and modelling. They recognised that in order to take their company to the next level they needed a brand identity and communication that would support their ambition.
Taking inspiration from the mapping process and the constantly changing flood landscape, the identity is animated rather than a single fixed marque.

Fathom’s clients range from Insurance companies and Blue Chips to environmental NGO’s and disaster relief agencies. All communication was designed to make their proposal and methodology accessible to anyone, regardless of scientific understanding.

Presenting complex information in an engaging and visually arresting way became the key aspect of the new brand identity.
Noun: a unit of length equal to six feet, chiefly used in reference to the depth of water.

Verb: to understand a difficult problem. Synonyms: understand, comprehend, work out, make sense of, grasp, perceive, penetrate, divine, assimilate, interpret, decipher, decode, piece together.
// Our new brand reflects where we want to be in our market. We are ambitious, and develop class-leading flood risk software that not only meets with our customers’ needs but also drives innovation in tech and science.

As a tech company, our brand is really important to us, and also to our clients who include NASA, the World Bank and major insurers.//

Professor Paul Bates