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Swissper Messenger
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Brand identity
Mobile app
Website design
Graphic design
App design
Swissper was set up to give everyday users access to high-level, easy to use encrypted communication services on their mobile phone.

In a post Snowden, post NSA world, everyone is beginning to wonder just how private their communication is and who might be listening in. 

A key differentiator for the brand is that its servers were based in Switzerland where the right to privacy is constitutionally guaranteed. We felt that this was a major brand asset that the identity should emphasise the brand's Swiss origins. In the process of brainstorming names ‘Whisper’ emerged and in a eureka moment the name and a new verb were born.

The starting point for Swissper’s identity was its simplest and smallest component;  – the on-screen app icon.

A key feature of Swissper is the ability to delete messages after they have been sent. This function, together with elements of the Swiss identity and the widely understood speech bubble were combined to form the logo.

The app was designed to make the user experience simple and intuitive with a visual language and tone of voice which normalised the concept of digital security.