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Code Sync
Deliverables &
Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Communication toolkit
Graphic design
Type design
Video editing
Code Sync is a family of worldwide programming conferences organised by tech company Erlang Solutions.

The purpose of the rebrand and restructure was to align the different, previously unrelated, conferences with a consistent, yet flexible, visual language and purpose. By doing so it would make the process of staging conferences around the world simpler, more manageable and economical.
The purpose of the conferences is to bring coders together as a community - to share, to inspire and to learn. This three pronged mantra forms the building block of the identity - a triangle, which also pays homage to the former identity creating a visual reference point for previous attendees.

The triangular building block forms the basis of the typographic and visual identity for all events.

An extensive brand tool kit was developed covering everything from email templates and social media formats, to video treatments and typography. This allows the client to manage all future conference communication in-house.