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Puma x Hussein Chalayan
Deliverables &
Brand space
Spatial design
To launch the Puma by Hussein Chalayan collection in Selfridges, we created an impactful installation in the men’s fashion department that would challenge the norm and reflect the two brands.

‘Innovative design for travel and urban living’ was the theme of the collection and inspired our creative work.

The space took the form of a sloping topography of triangular-sectioned vertical rods that acted like a three dimensional lenticular and were intended as a visual metaphor for changing time-zones.
The installation transformed from black to white to a bright, high-vis finish as customers walked around it. Each rod featured a QR code that when scanned with a smart phone, launched maps of cool areas in cities around the world. iPads showcased the collection, allowing customers to browse through key seasonal looks and read about Chalayan’s inspiration for the collection.

Maintaining the innovative theme, apparel was displayed on a bespoke, triangular section using magnetic hangers that hung from the underside of the rails with no visible means of support.