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Presentation cases
Product design
3D modelling
Graphic design
Limited edition presentation cases to launch Puma's new boots and partnerships, sent to each of their star players and select press.
The battle to stand out on the World Cup pitch is fierce. Puma set out to make a bold statement on pitch by being the first brand to have their players wear mismatched boots.

Such a bold move demanded an equally bold presentation.
The King is Puma’s premier heritage boot and has long been associated with some of the greatest players in footballing history.

Limited to just 999 pairs, Puma required a piece of unique packaging worthy of royalty.
Puma's fastest boot, the Evo Speed, delivered in a case inspired by the angular, facets of the equally fast USAF stealth bomber.
To celebrate their new partnership with Arsenal, Puma wanted to give high profile fans the ultimate Arsenal experience.

With a line up of recipients ranging from Arsène Wenger and Thierry Henry to Jay-Z and Sean Combes this piece had to make the VIP fans realise the importance of this exciting new partnership.